Developing A Brave Heart & Mind by Pam Stoddard

It's only fitting February's post speak to the heart.  I just watched the documentary A Brave Heart:  The Lizzie Valasquez Story.  The film touched me deeply.  Lizzie was born with an extremely rare medical condition.  After many surgeries, she lives with distorted facial features, the inability to gain weight, and a plethora of physical health challenges. After enduring (what I'm sure you can imagine) almost seemingly insurmountable abuse while navigating public school, Lizzie grew to be an incredible advocate in the movement to reduce the impact of bullying.  You can meet her here- 

Lizzie has taken on adversity and created a be-U-t-full life for herself.  Very commendable! Imagine a world where everyone was this "ugly".  Another person I find wonder-fully inspirational is Nick Vujicic-

I believe almost anything is possible, and consider myself a very hope-full person.  I strive to live like I am dying- because I will.  I'm convinced dying is the only thing we absolutely have to do in life, and I choose to pay taxes.  The majority of experiences we have involve choice at one point or another.  Free will.  Lord knows I've had my share of "ugly" moments.  I imagine we've all had moments we're not proud of... where we've reacted in a way that didn't look very "pretty" instead of responding in a way we can be proud.  Sure I'll have more, although my intention is to limit the amount.

I hope you'll join me and strive to live each moment in a way you can look back on your life after you die (if indeed that's an option) and say to your self- "I did my best and I'm proud of myself for the majority of the choices I made".  

Speaking of death, when you have time for one last inspiring video, check out Randy Pausch (Born October 23, 1960- Died July 25, 2008).  You'll likely be glad you watched it-