What is negative environmental and social conditioning? 

Are you familiar with the tale of two frogs? The story offers a simple metaphor for negative environmental and social conditioning.  It's been told many ways.  Here's my rendition:

Once, there were two frogs. 
One frog was very curious. 
The other frog... not so much. 
The curious frog loved to explore and experiment.  This frog wasn't afraid to take risks.
The other frog... not so much. This particular frog preferred to lay around on a lily pad in the pond he was born in all day, every day.
One day curious frog was able to talk lily pad frog out for a little exploration to a nearby farm. Soon, both frogs found their selves in a pot of water... on a stove... in the farmer's house.
Both frogs were content, at first, though the water in the pot was nothing like the water from whence they came.
This feeling of contentment did not last long for the curious frog.
The temperature in the pot was slowly rising.
The curious frog wondered why the feeling of discontentment and discomfort.
The lily pad frog... not so much.
In the effort to find out the why of these feelings, curious frog jumped out of the pot and saw what was causing the water to heat up.
Curious frog stayed out of the pot and went on to have a very fulfilling life.
Lily pad frog... not so much.

Sure, the age-old proverb exists that "curiosity killed the cat", but as the rejoinder states- "satisfaction brought it back."  The addition of the rejoinder indicates that the risk would lead to resurrection.  Curiosity can = risk.  Risk can = satisfaction.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Looking for any type of resurrection?

What might the slowly boiling water be in your life?   Betting we've all found ourselves "in hot water"-

A job we detest? 
An unhealthy relationship? 
Subscribing to someone else's belief system that doesn't really fit us?
An imbalance of some kind?  
A "blind spot"? 

What might it take to get out of "the pot" alive and go on to thrive?  

If you'd like to read more about the concept of negative social and emotional conditioning, check out Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie.