Think of Grow Playfully as a travel agency for your heart, body, and mind (perhaps soul?) that aims to assist you, your family, or group in experiencing exciting, engaging, and influential growth opportunities in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California.  

ever thought of horses as teachers?
What about various aspects of a river?
Is Fear a limiting theme in your life? 

What's being offered through Grow Playfully is connectivity to growth opportunities and collaborative allies who value more meaningful experiences, play, curiosity and well-being.  Plus, when you choose more than one learning activity, you'll be working with at least one primary facilitator (depending on the size of your group).  Learning with horses is available for individuals as well as groups.

For example, say your group is interested in a shared growth experience.   You decide you want to camp next to the American River.  Tackle your learning goals while rafting one day.  The next day you decide to play with horses while focusing on your goals, and then culminate your exploration on a ropes course.  A Grow Playfully facilitator  will assist in processing all three activities with your group.  Cost of your adventure will vary, depending on which activities and duration you chose.  

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them- that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow forward in whatever way they like.
— Lao Tzu

How this is accomplished?

activities you choose offer you opportunities to experiment with your objectives and try out new skills relevant to your learning goals IN A FUN AND ENGAGING way. 

Your facilitator(s) will guide you to stay more attentive and more mindful relative to your objective and goal.  You'll learn to generalize and apply what you learn in an activity to other areas of your life through use of curiosity, metaphor, analogy, and/or simile.

Take driving a vehicle for example- a seemingly mundane and mindless experience many of us have every day.  Pair this with learning goals of better communicating and self-care. 
Metaphoric/analogous questions may be- How often and when do you choose to use your blinker?  The horn?  Any patterns of running into or over anything?  How well is your vehicle maintained?  What might the vehicle represent?  Blinker and horn?

The more areas in life we identify as relevant to a learning goal, the more opportunities we give ourselves to practice what's needed to achieve that goal! 





  • You'll focus on areas of improvement YOU feel passionate about.

  • You'll build on strengths and identify any gaps.

  • You'll help create a learning plan that will help lead to successful outcomes.

  • You'll expand your ability to discern life experiences you choose to learn from.