"River rafting is thrilling but it isn't just the thrill that is important; it is the quietness, the distance from distraction, and the value of being together on the river." 
                                                                                 ~John Kosakowsky, River Runners owner/operator

If you love the outdoors, there’s much to appreciate about the American River! The thrill of having an adrenaline-filled, outdoor adventure easily motivates any adventurous soul. Whether you’re simply out to experience the American River in a raft at least once in your lifetime, or squeeze all the learning-relevant metaphors you can from the experience, rafting is great fun!

Rafting entails physical challenges. Tackling rapids on the river, will give you a full body workout. Strength and endurance are constantly tested when conquering the larger rapids. Arms and legs get exercised tremendously in order for one to move along with the river current and at the same time, stay firmly in the boat. 

The river offers an adrenaline rush and a stress reliever.  The beautiful scenery, alone, is a feast to the eyes.  Families, friends, and colleagues choose this activity to draw them closer together through joint effort and team fun. A good way to foster camaraderie, rafting provides exciting team building opportunities which are fun and dynamic.


What metaphoric/analogous content will you glean from rafting?  What might the river represent to you?  The raft?  Rocks and rapids?  Don't just go with the flow.  Gather your learning goals and come experience the power of metaphoric thinking for yourself!